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Reference > Peptide-Lipid Interactions, Volume 52 (Current Topics In

Peptide-Lipid Interactions, Volume 52 (Current Topics In

by Liposomes on December 13, 2011

Peptides are involved in numerous biological processes that include: killing bacteria, signal transduction, cell growth, and synaptic transmission. This reference book presents an overview of the interaction of peptides with synthetic and biological membranes, and includes state-of-the-art methodology, computer simulations and theoretical analysis. This book contains numerous color figures and can be used by persons interested in cell biology, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, biochemistry , cell biology, and biophysics.

Key Features
* world-renowned experts
* state-of-the-art experimental methods
* monolayers, bilayers, biological membranes
* theoretical aspects and computer simulations
* rafts
* synaptic transmission
* membrane fusion
* signal transduction

Peptide-Lipid Interactions, Volume 52 (Current Topics in Membranes)

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